Five Minute Intro To… Jobstopper

It's safe to say Cairns band Jobstopper has been around for a circus or two... or created it. Their enigmatic and energetic stage performances have seen them win the hearts of audiences around North Queensland. Girl caught up with lead vocalist Wil Carroll ahead of their support gig with USA bands Strung Out and PEARS … Continue reading Five Minute Intro To… Jobstopper

Five Minutes With Osaka Punch

Their Bandcamp page claims, "if you like just about any style of music, these guys can shred it, in suits, whilst hitting on your girlfriend," so exactly who is Brisbane four-piece Osaka Punch? Girl caught up with the band ahead of their national tour for a quick chat about tours, music and... Malcolm Turnbull? Hi! What's news? … Continue reading Five Minutes With Osaka Punch

Three Mile Road Knows A Thing Or Two

With a new single dropping next weekend, Girl at a Rock Show caught up with the newest member of Townsville's Three Mile Road, bassist Benjamin Thomas, to get the latest. What has been happening in the world of Three Mile Road? Well first we took the time to feel comfortable in the new line up. … Continue reading Three Mile Road Knows A Thing Or Two

XO Stereo release debut music video

Los Angeles natives XO Stereo have released their debut music video, 'Show And Tell', less than a month after launching their new rock endeavour. The band was originally started by guitarist Justin Whitesel (LoveHateHero, Eyes Set To Kill, Burning Tree Project) and guitarist Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson (Black Veil Brides) but now features Whitesel alongside Jon … Continue reading XO Stereo release debut music video

KING launch debut music video

Townsville based band KING have taken North Queensland by storm, with a flurry of support gigs and the launch of their debut music video 'It Goes Around' ahead of their EP launch later this month. Check out the clip below, connect with the band on Facebook and stay tuned for more info on the launch … Continue reading KING launch debut music video