Three Mile Road Knows A Thing Or Two


With a new single dropping next weekend, Girl at a Rock Show caught up with the newest member of Townsville’s Three Mile Road, bassist Benjamin Thomas, to get the latest.

What has been happening in the world of Three Mile Road?
Well first we took the time to feel comfortable in the new line up. Of recent there has been a lot of energy going towards the new single and its accompanying film clip. Also we have a small project involving some live recordings, all interspersed with actual gigs to keep us on our toes.

I understand you became TMR’s new bassist at the start of the year, how are you finding it?
Love being in an original band, the extra impetus to promote our music and ourselves as a band. It’s great having the room to be more creative collectively and in each song itself.

What’s your musical background?
A musical family… lots of guitarist uncles and Dad, plus Mum has a voice of an opera singer. Plenty of sing-a-longs at family gatherings and such… Band wise, it all kicked off in high school. I got roped into filling in on bass for my cousin (drums) and music teacher (guitar) for lunchtime jams. Eventually I realised it fit. The next year, when my younger cousin hit high school, we formed a band for battle and I was hooked.

You must be excited about TMR’s upcoming CD launch?
Ecstatically. It’s a great feeling pushing your own project, if also a little nerve wracking. I am also keen on the lineup, these are all great bands I will go and see at their own events, less travel this way. šŸ˜‰

We’ve been hearing about the new music video you guys will be premiering on June 20 as well, tell us about it?
That was a great few weeks, the commitment to the idea, the professionalism of working with someone like Lior, storyboarding and such. Culminating in the film day with Three Mile, Mary and friends to fill out the background, that was a great day! Would love to do another in the future.

There’s a great clip floating around of TMRĀ covering INXS – would you ever become a cover band? Are there any tracks you might cover at a later date?
No, Three Mile is an original band. Saying that, there is always space at live gigs for a few covers to be slotted in. Keeps the sets dynamic.

Have you played many shows outside Townsville? What kind of reaction do you get?
With the band I’ve played Ingham’s Italian Festival and Jam in the Jah in Innisfail. As to reaction, at every gig I have people approach me and let me know they dig our sound and songs. It’s great getting that direct feedback, sometimes we musicians aren’t as confident as we appear… haha.

Last time we spoke to TMR, Damien wouldn’t give anything away about memorable gigs… Is there anything you’d like to share, Ben?
What happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus…

The original band scene in Townsville is getting pretty high-class. Who do you rate out of your fellow bands and why?
This will just become a list of every band playing at the moment, there is an energy and a positivity to the scene that is inspirational to be amongst.
If I have to plug, my cousins and the boys in Lost Boys are the bomb and Why Wait are sweet. I love working with Sam Wright too, behind the desk and on the stage.
Also Steve And The Lion and Jacob Long are standouts that I’ve dealt with personally… wow, that just basically became a plug for the show. You can see why I am so excited about this event!

Where can we catch TMR in the next few months? What are your plans?
The CD/film clip is the last big push for the moment. Back to studio work in the immediate future, although I’m sure you will see us appear in support slots as the opportunity presents itself.

> Three Mile Road’s I Know A Girl CD and film clip launch will be held at The Commonwealth Hotel, South Townsville, on Sat 20 June, with support from Steve And The Lion, Lost Boys and Sam Wright. Entry isĀ $10, doors open 7pm.Ā 

(Pic by APF Photography: Supplied)

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