Five Minute Intro To… Jobstopper

It’s safe to say Cairns band Jobstopper has been around for a circus or two… or created it. Their enigmatic and energetic stage performances have seen them win the hearts of audiences around North Queensland. Girl caught up with lead vocalist Wil Carroll ahead of their support gig with USA bands Strung Out and PEARS this week. Okay so let’s start with an easy one: … Continue reading Five Minute Intro To… Jobstopper

DOA – Still Alive and Kicking

Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley, founding member of Canadian punk forefathers DOA, took time out ahead of their Aussie tour next month to talk about everything from Canada and punk politics to Vegemite and Willie Nelson. What was the Canadian punk scene like in the early ’80s? It was very vibrant and political with bands like DOA, The Subhumans, Pointed Sticks and The Modernettes. You’re often referred … Continue reading DOA – Still Alive and Kicking