Italians Learn to Fly in Foo Fighters Plea

* UPDATE: It worked! Dave Grohl posted a video (in almost perfect Italian, of course) thanking the town for their “beautiful” video and saying, “We’re coming, I promise.” (Original post after the vid)

If there’s two things we’ve learned about Dave Grohl this year it’s this:
1. The man is superhuman, after falling off the stage, breaking his leg and getting back on stage to finish the set WHILE HIS LEG WAS BEING PLASTERED and,
2. The man is a massive softie, after admitting to crying ‘like a fucking baby’ when Florence + The Machine, who replaced Foo Fighters headlining Glastonbury, paid tribute to him with a cover of Times Like These.

So it will be interesting to see if the ploy of a place called Cesena, in Italy, works.

The town is so keen to have the Fooies come and play a show there, they have brought together 1,000 people – guitarists, bassists, drummers and singers – in a field, playing a cover of the band’s classic, Learn to Fly. No word yet on whether it’s worked (or whether Grohl has even seen it yet) but check it out:

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