Foo Fighters Flying Down Under?

It seems rock's favourite nice guy Dave Grohl and his band are heading to Asia in August - could this mean an Aussie Foo Fighters tour announcement is on the cards? Usually, that's exactly what it means. Why travel halfway across the globe with a crew and all the gear to play three or four … Continue reading Foo Fighters Flying Down Under?

Italians Learn to Fly in Foo Fighters Plea

* UPDATE: It worked! Dave Grohl posted a video (in almost perfect Italian, of course) thanking the town for their "beautiful" video and saying, "We're coming, I promise." (Original post after the vid) If there's two things we've learned about Dave Grohl this year it's this: 1. The man is superhuman, after falling off the … Continue reading Italians Learn to Fly in Foo Fighters Plea

Foo Fighters Make Fans (Birth)Day

We've all had that birthday that's just a little bit cooler than the rest. This Foo Fighters fan's might just take the cake... sorry. YouTuber Anthony Bifolchi posted a video his friends took of Fooies frontman Dave Grohl not only acknowledging his "It's my birthday, can I play drums?" sign in the front row, but … Continue reading Foo Fighters Make Fans (Birth)Day