Foo Fighters Make Fans (Birth)Day

We’ve all had that birthday that’s just a little bit cooler than the rest. This Foo Fighters fan’s might just take the cake… sorry.

YouTuber Anthony Bifolchi posted a video his friends took of Fooies frontman Dave Grohl not only acknowledging his “It’s my birthday, can I play drums?” sign in the front row, but inviting him on stage to play.

“You better not suck,” Grol said as the birthday boy climbed up on to the stage.
“If you suck on the drums I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage…
“I sure hope this motherfucker doesn’t suck.”

With drummer Taylor Hawkins relegated to singing backing vocals from the front of the stage, Grohl – from atop the throne of guitars he’s been using since he broke his leg – asked Bifolchi which song he’d like to play.
“Hey – you know Foo Fighters songs?” he asked.
“You ain’t playing that fuckin’ song (Best of You), that’s the last song we’re gonna play tonight, ding-dong. No. We’ve got a song called Big Me, do you know that song? It’s the easiest one, if you fuck this up you’re gonna look like a total fucking asshole.”

Spoiler alert: he didn’t fuck it up. Check out the video:

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