The Ghost Inside Drummer Loses Leg Following Tragic Accident

A few months back we brought you the news of American band The Ghost Inside’s tragic tour bus crash which claimed the lives of two drivers, including their bus driver, Greg Hoke.

Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has confirmed via an Instagram post that he lost his leg as a result of the crash:


“So the rumors are true everyone! Unfortunately I did lose my leg in this accident. This is one injury among many others such as fractures in my ribs, spine, and hip along with some ligament tears in my rotator cuff and Labrum. I have remained in positive and good spirits since I woke up from a 10 day coma in November to the sight of my missing leg. Not going to let it stop me. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s a long road ahead, but I WILL play drums again. Can’t wait to get back on the kit. Couldn’t have dealt with this without the love and support from my brothers in TGI & crew, friends, fans and family. Thank you all ❤️”

A Go Fund Me page has raised over $150,000 to assist members of TGI and their families following the crash. Another Go Fund Me page has raised over $11,000 for the widow of bus driver Greg Hoke and their daughter.


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