The Ghost Inside Tour Bus Crash


Los Angeles-based metal core band The Ghost Inside (formerly known as A Dying Dream) is making headlines for all the wrong reasons today, after being involved in a fatal crash on tour in the US.

The band’s tour bus reportedly collided with a semi truck en route from Lubbock, Texas, to Phoenix, Arizona. The drivers of both vehicles died at the scene.

Band members and their crew were treated in hospital, however none were seriously injured.

Reps for the band released the following statement via social media:

“Thanks to everyone who reached out with concern today. The Ghost Inside was involved in a serious bus accident outside El Paso, TX this morning. All 5 band members + all members of the crew are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts as well as their bus driver and those in the other vehicle who did not make it. Unfortunately, all US shows on the Locals Only Tour are cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase.  We will update you more when we can.”


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