Food Review Insta Account Rekt By Restaurant

Here’s one for the WTF files this week.

There was an Instagram account (yes, was) called Burger Bun Day based in Melbourne, Australia, that would visit various establishments and give a review of their food.

That is, until they visited a place in Carlton called The Beaufort. For some reason, on this particular day the lads at BBD decided to post a side of homophobia with their review, and in all their wisdom (note: we use the term sarcastically) concluded their ill-informed review thus:

“*Quote of the night*- whilst waiting for two girls to finish using the pool table, one of the BBD members pointed out that they were probably “bean-eating rug munchers” to which another member responded with genuine shock “I honestly thought that was a bloke.” #food #foodporn #boys #burgers #melbourne #rugs #beans

… Yep.

Thankfully, the establishment tagged and reviewed in the post (on the now-defunct BBD account) came back swinging, in a response which included this little gem:

” @burgerbunday look forward to you guys returning so we can serve you up a bag of fried dicks with some racist mayonnaise and some lesbian hating kosher salt”


You can see the full post, and responses, below, thanks to Brown Cardigan and the beauty of screenshots.


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