It’s a Little Rock, a Little Roll, and a lot of Regurgitator

The first time Regurgitator’s lead vocalist Quan Yeomans heard of the ‘90s referred to as an “era” he cringed. “I was like, oh, okay – we’re at that stage in the career now,” he laughs. “There’s some hard realities to learn and accept.”

Regurgitator: Aus Music’s Anti-Idols

Big news in Aus music this month was Regurgitator pulling out of a show at Canberra’s ANU Bar. You can read more about that here, but it wasn't a massive surprise coming from a band with a reputation for being a little outside the box and always sticking up for their creative, artistic and moral beliefs. Founding … Continue reading Regurgitator: Aus Music’s Anti-Idols

Regurgitator – Nothing Less Than Cheap Imitations

After a monumental 22 years in the Aussie music biz, Aussie icons Regurgitator are back on the road with their Cheap Imitations tour-ché, with a couple of festival appearances plus sold-out hometown show at The Zoo in Brisbane in support of their first live album, Nothing Less than Cheap Imitations: Live at the HiFi Melbourne Oct 2012. … Continue reading Regurgitator – Nothing Less Than Cheap Imitations