Sarah McLeod Launches Online ‘Wolf Pack’

Sarah McLeod is one of many Aussie musicians embracing the changes COVID-19 has brought upon an unsuspecting industry. “We’re very adaptable us human beings, so if the whole planet flooded we’d develop webbed feet: we move with the times and we develop, and it’s terrifying when the change arises, but we always find ways of adapting and making our way through,” she told Girl last … Continue reading Sarah McLeod Launches Online ‘Wolf Pack’

Is the Coronavirus Killing The Arts?

The worldwide entertainment industry is rapidly responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak threat, taking it as seriously as those stripping supermarket shelves of toilet paper. The first major indication of this came with the cancellation of the 34th annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, after tech companies Apple, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok withdrew their participation in the event. The massive music, tech and … Continue reading Is the Coronavirus Killing The Arts?