Sarah McLeod Launches Online ‘Wolf Pack’

Sarah McLeod is one of many Aussie musicians embracing the changes COVID-19 has brought upon an unsuspecting industry.

“We’re very adaptable us human beings, so if the whole planet flooded we’d develop webbed feet: we move with the times and we develop, and it’s terrifying when the change arises, but we always find ways of adapting and making our way through,” she told Girl last week.

“And from disaster good things always bloom. So we’ll see. I’m trying to look at it as a time of change and fear with some sort of silver lining at the end that hopefully will be good for everyone.”

McLeod today performed a live stream of her planned set for the Killin’ It Til I’m Dead solo tour, which was supposed to head around the country in April and May until the COVID-19 crisis hit and she pulled the pin on the whole thing.
You can read the full interview here.

Today was also the official launch of McLeod’s Wolf Pack, a Patreon-based ‘online gang’ for fans to interact with McLeod and even become involved with her writing process.

The five tiers of support range from the $3 USD per month ‘Pup’ with access to live streams, videograms, free song downloads, cost price exclusive merchandise and early access to tickets (when they’re available) and releases; through to the $150 USD per month ‘Alpha’ with a one-on-one Skype session with McLeod every month, two song collaborations (or songs written for them) per year and automatic receipt of all Wolf Pack and Sarah McLeod merch – as well as all of the other tier benefits.

For more info on McLeod’s Wolf Pack visit the web site here.

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