Spiderbait on Summer Festivals, Hotter Than Hell and… new Music?

Spiderbait has been one of the more active bands on the Hotter Than Hell lineup since ‘reforming’ in 2013. The band toured for the anniversary of their hit record, Ivy & The Big Apples, as well as played some massive lineups, including A Day On The Green with The Living End, Veruca Salt and Tumbleweed.

Girl caught up with guitarist Damian Whitty (aka Whitt) to see how he was feeling ahead of the Hotter Than Hell tour.

Girl: How are you? 
Whitt: Great!

What’s been happening? 
Heaps – Life!

You’ve had a busy year – what have been some highlights?
Staying healthy and everything that brings. Shows, family, travel, working, studying, connecting with good people…sleeping.

You did the Ivy & The Big Apples anniversary tour – what was it like performing the album in full? How did the crowds react?
It was great, we really enjoyed it. The crowds were fantastic. Playing the whole album was very rewarding in the sense it reminded us of how diverse we are as a band, how much we enjoy playing with each other and how much we enjoy seeing people have fun. The response was overwhelmingly positive. The sets went for over two and a half hours, lots of jamming and carry on! There were album songs that we performed for the first time and our debut sell-out at The Enmore was absolutely epic! Just amazing. Six shows at The Corner in Melbourne… everywhere we played, people were fabulous.

Did you ever expect you’d be doing anniversary tours in 20 years when you first started out? 
Nope! We’re all very grateful that we still get to do this and that the crowds are so into what we do. It’s quite special.

We’ve seen a bit of Kram since you went on hiatus – what have Janet & yourself been up to?
Watching Kram! Hahahaha!!! We love him 🙂

Coming from a fairly regional town, how does it feel when you get on the road to tour regional centres, like Townsville?
We love playing anywhere, everyone has a right to experience live music. But rural crowds are very special. Townsville has always been good to us.

You’re coming here for Hotter Than Hell with some killer acts – who are you most looking forward to catching up with?
Magic Dirt! We go way back. Like, waaaaaaaaay…..early 90’s punk times. It’s so great they’re doing shows again. Stoked to be sharing a festival run with our old friends. Of course it’ll be great to see the other band’s (members) too. We’ve all shared some memories together at some time or other.

You must have some stories about the other bands on the line up (Magic Dirt, Shihad, Bodyjar, 28 Days) from back in the day – spill!
I’d love to but…I can’t remember! Hahahaha!!! I’m sure we had fun 🙂 It’ll all be in the band’s memoirs. I just need to get some hypnotherapy to recall the details.
That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

Being a festival band from way back, you must have some great summer festival survival tips – what’s your top three?
Be cool. Cool down. Stay cool. Figuratively, metaphorically and physically 🙂

How has the band dynamic and touring changed now that you’ve all got families?
Baby sitters & Skype. It’s the new black!

What’s coming up after Hotter Than Hell for you guys?
After we ‘cool down’ from the tour, there’s a rumour we’ll be working on some new tunes…stay tuned. Have fun y’all!

Hotter Than Hell will roll into Townsville’s Kirwan Tavern this Saturday, 1st December with 28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad and Spiderbait. 

Hotter Than Hell Tour 2018/19

1 December: Townsville w/28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
8 December: Frankston w/Rival Fire, Superheist, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Magic Dirt, Spiderbait
19 January: Gladstone w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
26 January: Toowoomba w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Shihad, Spiderbait
27 January: Gold Coast w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Shihad, Spiderbait
2 February: Adelaide w/Glass Tides, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait
9 February: Mt Evelyn w/Area-7, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait
16 February: Ipswich w/Area-7, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
23 February: Dunsborough w/The Tommyhawks, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait

Tickets and info: www.hotterthanhelltour.com.au

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