Magic Dirt Prepares to get Hotter Than Hell

Aussie rockers Magic Dirt made nostalgic fans very happy earlier this year when they announced they were getting the band ‘back together’ (not that they ever officially split) for a string of shows, commencing with Hotter Than Hell – which kicks off in Townsville this weekend.

Earlier this month the band announced it was republishing the Signs of Satanic Youth EP – 25 years after it was first released. Girl caught up with vocalist Adalita Srsen to find out how she was feeling about the tour, and her advice for surviving the summer festival season.

Girl: How are you? What’s been happening? 
Adalita: We’re all going great thank you! We’re just been getting ready for Hotter Than Hell tour which is really exciting, it’s been great to be back together and playing these songs again. We’ve also just announced the reissue of our first EP Signs Of Satanic Youth which is pretty exciting. It’ll be available on vinyl for the first time as well as being available digitally too for the first time!

You guys made some fans pretty damn happy when you announced your reunion – was that the kind of reaction you’d expected? 
Yes and more! The fans are just so awesome, they are one of the reasons we keep doing what we do. We’ve had a lot of love and really great messages from so many fans, far and wide. It’s been a really great reaction.

What have you all been up to since we saw you last? 
We’ve all been really busy with other music and side projects. I’ve been working on a 3rd solo album, Raul’s been busy with his bands and composing for soundtracks and Adam (drummer) has been busy with his musical side projects too.

You’re coming to Townsville for Hotter Than Hell – it’s been a while since you were last here. What are you keen to do when you’re up here? 
Just want to soak up the heat, go swimming, get a tan, chill. And then rock the f*** out.

There are some killer acts on the HTH line up – who are you most looking forward to catching up with? 
We can’t wait to see everyone but we go way way back with the Jebs so we especially can’t wait to see those guys!

You must have some stories about the other Townsville bands (Spiderbait, Shihad, Bodyjar, 28 Days) from back in the day – spill! 
Haha, you know what they say…what happens on the road…

Being a festival band from way back, you must have some great summer festival survival tips – what’s your top three? 
Have good friends around you, hat, sunscreen.

The industry is a bit different now than when you guys first hit the scene – what’s some of the biggest differences you’ve noticed? 
The way music is consumed (we never had streaming back in our day), I guess bands don’t tour as long these days, back in our day we were playing just about every day of the week for months and going everywhere, especially the regional areas, and probably the whole downloading thing which in a big way has contributed to the pressure of surviving as an artist.

Have you been rehearsing for these shows yet? What can we expect to see next at these shows?
We’ve been rehearsing and it’s been great, you can expect to hear a good selection from our back catalogue, lots of sweat, lots of loud guitars, lots of rocking out!

Do you think you’ll stay together and create new music after this? 
We were never really split apart, we’ve always been together. But as far as new music goes, it’s not something we’ve really thought about. It’s all about honouring the bands legacy at the moment, that’s what we’re focussed on.

Hotter Than Hell will roll into Townsville’s Kirwan Tavern this Saturday, 1st December with 28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad and Spiderbait. 

Hotter Than Hell Tour 2018/19

1 December: Townsville w/28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
8 December: Frankston w/Rival Fire, Superheist, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Magic Dirt, Spiderbait
19 January: Gladstone w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
26 January: Toowoomba w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Shihad, Spiderbait
27 January: Gold Coast w/Area-7, 28 Days, Bodyjar, Killing Heidi, Shihad, Spiderbait
2 February: Adelaide w/Glass Tides, Bodyjar, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait
9 February: Mt Evelyn w/Area-7, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait
16 February: Ipswich w/Area-7, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Shihad, Spiderbait
23 February: Dunsborough w/The Tommyhawks, 28 Days, Magic Dirt, Jebediah, Spiderbait

Tickets and info:


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