On The Eves of Something Big

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Eves Karydas live at The Foundry (Pic: Matt Officen)

Eves Karydas is a force to be reckoned with. In just a few short months the Australian singer has added a number of achievements to an already extensive and impressive musical resume. Now she has a new album dropping later this month which is bound to impress both existing and new fans. Girl at a Rock Show‘s India Marx spoke to Karydas about her upcoming release, and caught one of her stunning live shows at Brisbane’s Foundry.

Having just recently wrapped up her headline Australian tour, Karydas teased fans with snippets of what to expect from her upcoming album titled summerskin.

The singer says fans can look forward to a healthy mix of “electronic and organic” music, dubbing it a “really fun record”.

Since making her move to London she’s written over 50 songs, only a handful of which have been selected and refined for the album.

Recently released track Damn Loyal is an exciting morsel of things to come. With a punchy hook and fierce lyrics that speak volumes, this album is going to be killer listening. Think loud tunes and long drives.

“It’s a 10 track record so there will be a lot of the songs I played (on tour) that will be on the record but there are things on the record that I haven’t played live yet,” says Karydas.

“It’s all super fun, it’s pretty bouncy. It’s definitely electronic but it’s a very nice mix of electronic and organic. It’s just really vibey and fun.”

If Karydas’ sold-out Brisbane Foundry performance is anything to go by; this album is definitely something you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

The singer’s performance was the sort where you left craving more. Karydas has an enthralling presence on stage and you can’t help but get pulled into the story she’s telling. Her show has a certain humility, juxtaposed with an owned sense of self and sensuality; all packaged up neatly via a voice that carries itself with ease.

The crowd at her Brisbane performance was a testament to the fan-base she has already created.

Fan favourites such as There for You were known lyric for lyric while major hits such as Couch and Further Than The Planes Fly were brought to life via inflatable couches and rockets passed around the audience.

“I’m so humoured by that inflatable couch,” she says.

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Floating couches at The Foundry (Pic: Matt Officen)

“They brought that to Splendour and I didn’t know they were going to bring it to the show. So I saw it and was like here we go. Then the next song there’s this rocket. I didn’t even know you could get inflatable rockets. So great. I think it’s funny because I think that inflatable couch at Splendour got more press than I did. People were talking about it more than my show.”

In July of this year, Eves graced the stages of Splendour for the second time, the first being in 2015 under her original name, Eves the Behaviour.

“It was different because the last time I played I was so new and I only had like two songs out, so I was playing to an audience who were interested in me as a new artist but probably weren’t as invested at the time.

“Then this Splendour I still don’t even have the record out so there’s a large part of my set that people don’t know but the recognition felt a bit different. So that was awesome.”

Having already built a solid foundation of followers since her debut as ‘Eves the Behaviour’ and cementing them with her evolvement to ‘Eves Karydas’, the songstress is building her rapport among European crowds.

“Australia is main audience at the moment because it’s my home country and it’s quite hard making a name for yourself overseas before you’ve cracked your home market,” she says.

“I played a headline show in London in May, it was amazing it was sold out as well. Then I played The Great Escape which was also incredible but it was still like, I’m not sure who they (the fans) are. In Australia I can see what groups my fans fall into. A lot of young girls and guys and 18-24 age range but in London it was very varied.”

Karydas has worked with a catalogue of musical icons, kicking off the year as support act for English sensation Dua Lipa on her Australian tour.

“It was amazing,” says Eves.

“I’ve been a big fan of hers for a long time and I remember when I got the email I was just like ‘WHAT’. It was so surreal.”

She’s also got a collab with Thundamentals out this month.

“It was a dream,” she says of working with the band.

“They are just the nicest lads. I was really honoured the wanted me on the record and working with them was super breezy and the song is really fun. I’m excited for people to hear that.”

She has also worked closely with producer Sam Dixon, who has worked with international greats such as Adele, Christina Aguilera and home grown Australian icon Kylie Minogue.

“Sam’s like my big brother now,” says Karydas of the producer.

“He’s just such a nice person. I’m pretty big on when I write and work with people musically I kind of have to be friends with them. I’m don’t really know what the point is otherwise. Sam has just become like family to me. When we work together we joke around all day. It’s just fun, no pressure. That’s why I’ve written so many songs with him that I love because it doesn’t have a force of nature to it, he’s really awesome.”

Such collaborations again setting high expectations for summerskin.

“I’ve done a whole heap of sessions with people I’ve never met before and you kind of just go in for two days never having met them and you never really get anything out it. That’s why with this record I decided I wanted my collaborators to be a small selection of people I knew and that I loved. Which made the record awesome.”

With summerskin dropping in just a few weeks, what’s next for the Aussie songstress? Expect more extensive touring!

“I think I’ll be doing some more shows later in the year. I’ve never played a headline show in Adelaide or Perth,”says Karydas.

Eves Karydas is one of this year’s most exciting emerging artists to grace our ears. She has a way of writing songs that speaks to your inner romantic, bringing about an indescribable nostalgia. Her hit songs such as Couch, Further Than The Planes Fly and recent release Damn Loyal have cemented Karydas place as one to watch. From supporting Dua Lipa, to headlining her own Australian tour and dropping a new album, it seems sky is the limit for this songstress. Be sure to get your mitts on her new album when it drops on 28th September!

For more photos from the show, check out our Reviews gallery.

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Eves Karydas with Girl at a Rock Show’s India Marx (Pic: Matt Officen)

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