Another Aussie Festival Bites The Dust


Get out your raincoat, music fans – there’s a shit storm a’brewing.

For the last week or so, we’ve been seeing posts on social media about bush doof EDM festival Earthcore that haven’t exactly left a pleasant taste in people’s mouths.

Trance duo Coming Soon pulled out of the event with this announcement on Facebook:

“Very important message to all of our Australian fans!! We want to let you know that we have canceled earthcoreFestival Melbourne Sydney Perth this year and also the following ones (if will happen at all).
The reason for the cancellation is because the owner of this festival didn’t pay us. and didn’t even book a flight.
after promising every week that he will send and after many treats of canceling us if we will not be patient. we just have to mention that we never got treated like that ever in our 15 years in the industry and we will never work with this promoter ever again!! we kindly ask all our fans who buy tickets to see us live on one of this festivals to request a full ticket refund.
to not mention other names but more then 10 other artists will not go as well as they are facing the same issues that we go true at this moment.
I don’t need to expend and say that we refused other gigs in order to make Earthcore (all of them) and we lost a lot of money from this issue. so we wish all the people that do go to one of this festival very much luck and hope they will enjoy this budget less and multi problems festival.
dont expect it to be what you thing. specially when the owner knew he cannot pay all the artists and still use they names in order to gain more tickets sales. and didn’t even made a post about this until now when this all know from long time ago.
we will upload soon all the conversation with the promoter and is stuff.”

In fact, many artists claimed the same – and heading in to last weekend’s Victorian festival, dozens of acts had pulled out, including:



Coming Soon


Dirty Audio


Electric Universe



Joel Rowdy

Juno Reactor


Martin Vice

Marc Romboy



Mystical Complex

Nick Curly


Outside the Universe


Plump DJs


Sharam Jey


Teenage Mutants

Vertical Mode




The festival organisers announced on November 24 – the day before the event in New South Wales’ Scheyville National Park was scheduled to go ahead – that they would be cancelling the event.

Organisers blamed Parks NSW for the cancellation, stating: “Due to endless red tape and Parks NSW have not approved or rejected our plans days out from the show we have no choice but to cancel earthcore in the Park NSW.”

In regards to refunds, they said: “Existing ticket buyers have 2 choices. Use your existing NSW ticket to gain entry to earthcore in Victoria for the main event. 7 hours from Sydney. Please note your E Ticket needs to match your photo id at the gate or obtain a full refund. The refund process commences 15 December onwards. Please contact”

Now, just days out from the WA and Queensland events, organisers have officially cancelled the Perth event with the following statement:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.38.02 pm

Doubt has also been cast on the QLD event – while there has been no official word from organisers yet, it seems social media is all over it:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.40.54 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.41.08 pm.png

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise anyone following news reports about the festival. While last weekend’s Victorian event did, in fact, go ahead, it made it’s own headlines: a 23-year old man was arrested following a series of serious assaults at the five-day event, while an unrelated sexual assault and plenty of drug offences were also reported. You can read the Fairfax news report here.

A woman was found dead at the same event last year, although organisers claim she may have had an existing medical condition, according to reports last week.

We’ll keep you updated on this impending shit storm as it develops.



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