Not All Heroes Wear Capes

“Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you…”

I bet you sang that line in your head.

If you live anywhere near a pub, or frequent any public or private space in which people perform other people’s songs, there is a very good chance you’ve heard (more than) your fair share of Wonderwall by Oasis.

Pretty much every cover artist plays it, though some are better than others.

Police in Bispensgade, Aalborg (Denmark) became our personal heroes last week when they sent a busker home because his rendition of the popular (why?) song was crap.

According to, Nordjyllands Police decided the best course of action was to send the young man “home to practice” to protect the innocent ear-holes of locals on the street.

“Just because you can play Wonderwall does not mean you should,” the police said on their website.

Amen to that!

Their statement continued:
“The guitarist played loud, bad and noisy. He did not sound like Liam Gallagher. A patrol talked to the singer and sent him home to practice.”

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