Keep It Simple, Son: Paul Stanley’s Son Makes His Own Music Waves

It’d be a pretty difficult pair of platform boots to fill, being the son of one of history’s legendary rockers. But Paul Stanley‘s son Evan, when speaking about his own band The Dives, prefers to it simple: “we’re a rock & roll band.”

The New York City-based foursome, fronted by Stanley, also comprises Mike Lefton, Sergio Ortega and Jimmy Meier. All four can sing. All four can play. It seems like a logical connection.

Bassist (and singer) Ortega explained: “It’s a rock band playing catchy songs.”
“Big hooks, but rattier than Top 40.”

When Stanley moved to NYC to attend college at NYU/Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he was introduced to New Jersey native Lefton, who reached out to fellow NJ native Meier to give the band a beat. Booking their first gig before they’d even found a bassist, a friend recommended Ortega – better known for his prowess with guitar, mandolin and banjo, who has toured extensively as guitarist and musical director for the Broadway musical, Ramin Karimloo.

It goes without saying, “you won’t hear anything like KISS at The Dives’ show,” Stanley said.

The band’s debut EP Everybody’s Talkin’ has been released, and they’re heading out on an American tour at the end of summer.

Lead single Make It Like The Movies is a glimpse into what to expect from these guys. Check it out below:

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