Aussie rock stalwarts MOTOR ACE are back with their first single in almost two decades.

It’s in the Veins with Alex Carpi

 words: Brittany Long Pop-rock powerhouse Alex Carpi is back with new music to delight the senses. The Melbourne singer-songwriter has just dropped her new single Veins and we wanna 'feel it running through our veins.' Girl's very own Brittany Long caught up with her to get the inside on the new single, discuss where her … Continue reading It’s in the Veins with Alex Carpi

Nine Inch Nails ‘Add Violence’ With New EP

Nine Inch Nails have returned their new EP, Add Violence, out today via Caroline Australia. The five-song collection is the second in a series of three related EPs - the first of which, Not The Actual Events, was released in December of 2016.  Add Violence finds the band (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) becoming more accessible and impenetrable at the same time. The sonic palette … Continue reading Nine Inch Nails ‘Add Violence’ With New EP

As Paradise Falls Release New Album Info

The unstoppable Australian metal outfit As Paradise Falls have revealed the album art, track listing, and release date for their long-awaited new full-length album, Digital Ritual.  The album was produced by Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Karma Sound Studios, and consists of eleven brand new songs. While recording Digital Ritual in late 2015, the band’s guitarist Glen Barrie suddenly passed away. … Continue reading As Paradise Falls Release New Album Info

Mass Sky Raid Closer With New Clip

Mass Sky Raid are getting Closer to their fanbase and to the world with their new single and very first video. The wall-of-sound single is their most impressive outing yet and it will be released into the world tomorrow, Friday 9th June. To go along with the release of the track, they are today announcing … Continue reading Mass Sky Raid Closer With New Clip

Keep It Simple, Son: Paul Stanley’s Son Makes His Own Music Waves

It'd be a pretty difficult pair of platform boots to fill, being the son of one of history's legendary rockers. But Paul Stanley's son Evan, when speaking about his own band The Dives, prefers to it simple: "we're a rock & roll band." The New York City-based foursome, fronted by Stanley, also comprises Mike Lefton, … Continue reading Keep It Simple, Son: Paul Stanley’s Son Makes His Own Music Waves

Meet Ted Mosby’s New Bandmate

Yep, you read that correctly. Josh Radnor, AKA Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, has joined forces with Aussie ex-pat Ben Lee to form the musical project Radnor & Lee. Their debut release Be Like The Being - described as a battle cry for liberation, inner and outer peace - is out now: The duo … Continue reading Meet Ted Mosby’s New Bandmate

Frenzal’s C*** Act High Tea

We can't outdo the band's Facebook announcement, so... here it is: Hey good news everyone: Frenzal Rhomb have made a new album, and booked a tour to go with it! Yep, Frenzal Rhomb, the most hospitalised band in the world (Seriously, everything from broken drumming arms and detached guitar-playing retinas to an actual pig-borne tapeworm … Continue reading Frenzal’s C*** Act High Tea