Liquor Licensing Kills Another North Queensland Entertainment Staple

Full Moon Down Under has been a monthly event on the North Queensland party calendar for around a decade.

The events, held on Magnetic Island, have hosted some of Australia’s and the world’s best DJs… until now.

The State Government’s new liquor licensing conditions have led organisers to scrap the regular events, according to the Townsville Bulletin.

Changes made to legislation just last week reduced the number of extended trading hour permits a venue could apply for, from 12 permits per year to six. It also limited the grounds upon which extended trading would be approved.

The Full Moon Down Under parties, which operate out of Base Backpackers in Nelly Bay, would be canned, however organisers were expected to explore other options.

“We got 5000 people over there for Halloween last year and everyone used SeaLink, buses and it employed security guards,” organiser Garry Oliver told the Bulletin.

“It’s just all gone to shit ­because of the Government. It’s killing business.

“This is just a good example of how it impacts on Townsville. The Government is ­trying to lower the risk where there isn’t any.”

The event was set to host the Ministry of Sound Reunion Tour in June, featuring Goodwill, John Course, Mark Dynamix and Tonite Only. With tickets already on sale, the event should still be going ahead.

There are plans to rebrand as a ‘stay and play’ weekend event, rather than the traditional, ‘come over, party all night and enjoy your messy ferry ride home’ one-night affair.

Stay tuned.

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