Falls Fest Victims Will File Class Action Lawsuit


Almost three months since that horrific stampede after the DMA’s set at Falls Festival in Lorne, 65 people injured in the crush have joined a class action lawsuit against the organisers.

The stampede occurred on Friday, 30 December as many tried to leave The Grand Theatre festival tent to head to another stage for London Grammar‘s set.

A spokesman for the legal team behind the lawsuit, Brendan Pendergast, told triple j’s Hack today the incident was the result of organisers’ negligence, as the ‘bottle neck’ caused by a too-small exit point could have been avoided.

“The allegation is that if proper care and attention had been taken to configuring the area where the acts were taking place, and the scheduling of the successive acts this stampede would not have occurred, that this was entirely avoidable,” he said.

He went on to say that damages in excess of $1 million may be payable, and would go some way to remedy the pain and suffering caused by victims.

Strangely, the girl whose face became most recognised as part of the tragedy, Maddy (pictured), has not joined the class action. She was knocked out in the incident and was hospitalised with a fractured pelvic bone and some scary-looking facial injuries.

News of the class action came the same day as news from Canada that the manufacturers of an adult toy settled a class action lawsuit for unlawful use of intimate data to the tune of almost $4 million.
You can read more about that story here.

Meanwhile, Falls Festival organisers have assured punters the festival will go ahead this year. They are still cooperating with WorkSafe in an ongoing investigation into whether they broke site design rules or regulations.

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