‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl ‘Hacked’ For Publicity Stunt

American teen Danielle Bregoli – whose name is usually mentioned alongside the ‘cash me outside how bow dah’ tag line that rocketed her to insane levels of viral fame after her appearance on Dr. Phil – was apparently ‘hacked’ on social media this week.

On Tuesday March 7, hackers identified as “FACE Security Group” took over the 13-year-old’s Instagram account and posted some seriously disturbing messages for her 7.5 million (yep) followers. Danielle’s bio had been changed to say, “no god I am false,” repeated three times in a strange font. Underneath “democracy dies in darkness,” was written in Russian.

The first post:


The second post:


And then this:


Glassface, as tagged in the third video, is a digital media artist called Josh Goldenberg. He has directed music videos for Lil Yachty, OG Maco, Smoke DZA, Chynna and Tunji Ige. And now, he has directed a music video for Mook Boy. Featuring… yep. Danielle ‘cash me outside’ Bregoli.

The ‘hack’ wasn’t, in fact, Anonymous or the Illuminati. It wasn’t an elaborate lead up to a scandalous leak of underage sex tapes or depraved Hollywood secrets. It was all a detailed (and pretty clever, given the amount of hype surrounding it) publicity stunt for a new video clip.

It’s a World Star Hip Hop ‘exclusive’ – one Bregoli’s new Instagram bio links to. You can watch it here:


Speaking of ‘cashing’ (ha) in on Bregoli’s newfound fame, her dad Ira Peskowitz has started a Go Fund Me page to help ‘save’ his daughter.

“I’m reaching out to the world, humbly, as a father that was estranged from my daughter, Danielle, as a result of parental alienation,” he wrote.

“I have always taken care of her financially but was denied the opportunity to truly be a present parent and influence her life. As a result, Danielle and her future have been compromised with the lack of the love and guidance a child needs to be able to flourish in this world. I’m asking for help with covering fees associated to legal expenses to get her the proper help she needs to be able to have a happy and healthy life in a stable home with a strong positive future.”

Apparently $50,000 will do the trick.

So far there has been $2,500 pledged in just under a week.


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