Album Review: Ocean Grove


February 3rd saw the release of the much anticipated album The Rhapsody Tapes by Melbourne band Ocean Grove.

In this album you can hear the evolution of their sound compared to previous EPs, Outsider (2010) and Black Label (2015), creating something so different that it can only be summed up by the bands description of ‘Odd World music.’

The Rhapsody Tapes is a mixed bag of genres including futuristic industrial vibes, heavy gritty metalcore, slow melodic chill out style to a slight hip hop twist which leaves you craving more.

This album takes you on a journey with bangers such as Thunderdome, Intimate Alien (which in one month has already racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube), The Wrong Way and These Boys Light Fires.

What makes this album truly unique is the fact is was recorded and produced by the band in the bedroom of their 19-year-old drummer Sam Bassal giving them the creative freedom to release something so special.

Recently touring Australia with The Amity Affliction and Hellions these boys have made themselves a household name not only with their sound but with their on stage energy and their ability to get the crowd jumping from start to end. This is definitely a band who is going to take 2017 by storm.

You can find The Rhapsody Tapes at your local JB Hi Fi, Spotify, iTunes or online.

Watch: Ocean Grove – Intimate Alien

Words: Nikki May

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