Superheist Loses Half The Band


Superheist bassist Drew Dedman has quit the band, he announced on Facebook last night.

On his page Drew Dedman the Electric Bassplayer, Dedman said:

“It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to announce that I am quitting as bassist of Superheist. The last few months have been an amazing experience and we have achieved and done things that I truly never imagined being able to do again after a 15 years hiatus.

There has been recent discussion in the last week to replace Benny as drummer. This is something I will never be able to agree with. Benny to me is like a little brother, he is an outstanding rock drummer, total professional and in my opinion one hell of top bloke. He is after all the other half of the massive bass/drum foundation of the band. 

The current line-up of the band is simply amazing live and each member has brought something new and truly special to the live show. I feel it would be an absolute tragedy to split this apart, especially 2 weeks out from a National tour, and I can’t support a decision that I 100% disagree with.

Unfortunately also during “the discussion process” it was suggested to me several times if I “Don’t Agree” with the decision, I should perhaps also leave the band??
Well I just don’t agree with it, and I never will. I feel its a snap decision that’s been made and all options should have been fully exhausted to try and reconcile this. However sadly it seems that is no longer possible.

I feel I would personally struggle moving forward cohesively after this week, so for the longevity and success of the entity that is Superheist, I would rather not be involved any longer.

Superheist for me has always been about, getting together with the boys, going on tour, smashing some beer and playing a full on fucking crazy loud and heavy live show. It always has been a huge part of my life and who I am.

The fans of the band old and new, I love each and every single one of you crazy people. It was so nice to meet you all on the last lap of Australia through November and December. Thank-you so much for your ongoing support, buying tickets, merch and our albums.
An extra special thanks to all you guys at the Melbourne Max Watts show, the crowd singing Happy Birthday was one of the best moments of any gig I have ever played and the best 42nd birthday you could ever imagine, I will never forget that, thank-you. Keep in touch either through my music page or my Facebook, I do enjoy late night long chats as some of you guys know. I do have some exciting news coming but I’ll save it for a better time.

I wish all the guys in the band and the management/label all the best for the future, it’s been one hell of an amazing ride since walking back in to the studio and recording Hands Up High. You are all very talented people, amazing songwriters and great blokes to just sit and have a beer and talk shit with. I am sorry it has come to this. May the next album be better than the last and the regional tour be a success.

I have always been and always will be the #1 Superheist fan whether I am a part of it or not.”

Fans have not taken the news lightly, with comments ranging from, “Fuck,” to, “Fucking devastated. I really love Superheist, but I love you more, Drew! I refuse to support a band that made this decision a necessity.”

The band, reunited in 2016 with former Mammal frontman Ezekiel Ox on vocals and Electrik Dynamite‘s Benny Clark on drums, released album Ghosts of the Social Dead in October last year.

The remaining members have yet to make a formal statement, however Benny’s page reads:

“I write this with a heavy heart and an anger deep in my soul. Sadly over the last week it was put forward to replace me in Superheist.

There are lots of things id like to say and reasons id love to give you. At the end of the day i will be the bigger man and do this without naming names or being slanderous as has been publicly done to myself.

The main thing is this. Im am officially LEAVING my place in Superheist as of now. I will not stand here and submit, be bullied and backed into a corner. 

I want to send a massive thanx to all the fans that welcomed me with open arms and accepted me as part of the monster that was Superheist. You giys are the real heroes and it was a honour to meet, chat and have a beer with each and everyone of you. Other people in crew a management you k ow who you are. My biggest thanks goes to Drew Dedman for sticking by me and being a true brother.

This is not the end for me i have 3 projects and session work in the very near future. Its all up hill from here! Much love too you all and stay posted! 

The band’s web site is currently down, and so far no word on what will happen with upcoming tour dates, including the Sunshine Coast on February 10 and Toowoomba on February 12.


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