Queensland Waters Down Proposed 1am Lockout Laws


Good news, everyone!

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has agreed to water down (pun intended) the proposed new 1am lockout laws, which were expected to be implemented from February.

Apparently the PM’s primary concern was the rollback of alcohol service hours. So, instead of a 1am lockout, licensed venues in Queensland will roll back last drinks to 2am – 3am in a nightclub precinct.

Shots are also banned after midnight.

A new ID scanning system will also be enforced, helping venues and authorities identify and deal with troublemakers. Mandatory scanning was supposed to be implemented last year, but was delayed while the powers that be decided how the plan would best work.

While venues, bands, staff and many punters are rejoicing at the announcement, some are apparently wary.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education yesterday released a poll it conducted of 300 Queenslanders that found about two-thirds of those polled wanted the 1am lockout to go ahead.

We’re not sure where those people are. Or if they drink. Or work in the nightclub/hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, our New South Wales cousins are still trying to #KeepSydneyOpen.

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