Actor Loses Life On Bliss N Eso Set


A seasoned Aussie stuntman and aspiring actor lost his life yesterday in an on-set accident while filming a Bliss N Eso music video yesterday.

The filming was taking place at Brooklyn Standard, a basement bar in Brisbane’s CBD. Johann Ofner, a popular 28 year old stuntman and actor, was working on the set when a prop gun accidentally shot him in the chest.

Police and ambulance were called immediately following the accident, however Ofner was declared dead at the scene.

An armourer reportedly supplied the set with a series of plastic replica guns, stunt knives, and a real shotgun with blanks.

The weapons came with a warning not to aim directly at anybody, but it is believed Ofner was shot at from 1.5m away, obtaining a blow to the chest.

None of the members of Bliss N Eso were on set at the time of the incident. The band released the following statement on Facebook last night:

The venue where the shooting occurred released the following:

Police are still investigating. Ofner leaves behind a girlfriend and young daughter.

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