Rise Against Black Market Tour – Brisbane Show

Hard core punk band Rise Against is currently completing its second appearance in Australia this year, with their Black Market Tour.

Formed in 1999, the band has taken its place in the hearts of many over years of success, recapturing the hearts of diehard fans and sweeping up new fans in its wake, with deep, meaningful lyrics and hardcore melodies.

Personally I have been a fan of Rise Against for quite some time, and found myself devastated when I missed the Foo Fighters and Rise Against gig back in February; I found comfort in the fact that they were planning to tour again for a second time and spent every day waiting for the confirmation news to pop up in my daily news feed, and checking the official band site every day.
Then, finally, the news I was waiting for – the Black Market Tour confirmation. Within ten minutes of the tickets being on sale I had paid for my own, ready to see them live… only to be completely let down on the night.

Tim McIlrath was a complete let down for some of the songs played that night, either barely singing at all, drowned out by the music or just completely off beat to the songs. I was not the only one who noticed this; other first time Rise Against fans commented on the off-beat singing, saying, “It’s probably because he’s tired, they do travel a lot. I won’t lie, I am disappointed.”
Though, being the good sports that we are, we tried our best to enjoy the night; even if some of the songs were a bit hit and miss when it came to the vocals.

As for the band’s set lists over both the Brisbane and Melbourne shows, only three out of 34 songs played so far have been from the album The Black Market, released 2014. The most-played songs from both shows actually came from The Sufferer and The Witness album, released back in 2006.

Rise Against, as a fan who has followed you for 12 years, I have to say your show was a complete and utter let down. I counted down the days until I could see you live, since purchasing the tickets in July, only to find myself feeling like I had wasted my money.
I shall continue following your and supporting your band, but for now I think it will only be through purchasing your CDs.
Would I consider attending another Rise Against concert? Possibly. But at this point, no thanks.


Words & Photo by JC

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