The Facebook Stalking Game Changer

Okay, ‘fess up. Raise your hand if you’ve ever stalked someone on Facebook.
You know, checked out the profile/photos of someone you’re not friends with. Maybe your ex. Maybe your current partner’s ex. Maybe your crush.


Yeah, I think we’re all guilty of a bit of Facebook stalking at one point or another.

The game just changed, folks.

Facebook announced a new algorithm to beat all algorithms – it’s going to measure how long you spend looking at people’s photos, comments and profiles. Once Facebook has stalked you stalking your ex, they’ll calculate who you’re most obsessed with (or interested in, you know, whatever) and push for their posts to appear in your feed.

Forget the ‘follow’ button, or nearby friends – this is a whole new ball game!

The change is set to roll out in the next few weeks. So get your fix quick unless you want to be potentially caught stalking that guy you’re, like, totes over.

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