Bringing Live Music Home – Literally

Tin Pan Orange by Joshua Braybrook
Tin Pan Orange by Joshua Braybrook

It’s a relatively new concept, but it’s taking off in a big way.

An Australian-born web site that is “the Airbnb for live music venues” is bringing back intimacy and one-on-one interaction between musicians and punters alike.
The site is called Parlour, and is the brainchild of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Matt Walters, who wanted to give up and coming musos an opportunity to build their careers, and music-loving punters an opportunity to host personal performances in private homes and backyards.

Walters recently told the ABC that nearly 800 musicians have signed up to Parlour.
“The more I talk to guests, the more I get the feeling people are tired of going to venues, bands are out there going, ‘please come to my show, please come to my show’ and people almost roll their eyes now.”

Parlour functions, as you might expect, very much like Airbnb, except instead of accommodation you’re looking at unique music experiences.
For anyone interested in hosting or playing a Parlour gig, you go to the web site here, follow the prompts to plug in your basic info and the site will hook you up with artists that match your criteria.

Artists that have played Parlour gigs include Lisa Mitchell, Oh Mercy, Tin Pan Orange and Thelma Plum.

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