Thundas Thundering On

Aussie hip hop heavyweights Thundamentals are everywhere right now. The band is currently on their national Elephant In The Room tour, after supporting Hilltop Hoods on their national tour late last year. Their latest album, So We Can Remember, dropped almost a year ago to the day, and the boys haven’t stopped since. Girl caught up with DJ Morgs recently to get the low-down.
You’ve been on this tour for a month now, what’s been the highlight so far?
The first month is actually really easy, we started with only a couple shows each week then the schedule gets out of control gradually. I don’t know if this is better or worse. Both the Sydney shows were up there with my favourite shows of all time, so they are definitely the highlights so far! Manning Bar has great sound and I remember playing there to a much smaller crowd only a couple of years ago so that was dope.
Any lowlights?
Our o.g hometown show in Katoomba was a bit of shambles. The power cut out to the venue twice during the show. Pretty lowlight.
What do you miss most about home when you’re out on the road?
Sleeping in my own bed, and my kitty.
You supported Hilltop Hoods on their national tour late last year, what did you learn from them? 
Basically, in order to achieve half of what they have all you have to do is be the three sickest dudes out there. They are all super humble, nice, genuine sick c$@ts, and they are hard to fault. Bastards. Oh and party, cause you might learn something.
All of the tracks you’ve been dropping from So We Can Remember seem to have food-themed artwork – obvious for Noodle Soup, perhaps, but what’s with the rest of them? Is it a subliminal way of saying you’re hungry?
Me and Jeswon are skinny as all hell, so yeah maybe it is. I could really use a sandwich right now, yo.
The latest tracks (okay, maybe not so much Noodle Soup) seem to be a lot more sentimental and love-themed – are you getting soft in your old age? What’s the deal?
I suppose I’m not writing the sentiment of a song always, but maybe mine and Poncho’s beats are getting sexy or something. Like, I know they are sexy, but you know what I’m saying. Sexy sexy, and inspiring the guys to get all juiced up while writing thinking about some honey. Or, maybe they don’t give a damn whether they sounding hard or soft and making good music and writing about what comes natural. You would have to ask them, I’ll give you their address.
You’ve remixed a Sticky Fingers track and Tuka has released a new album and toured, as well as the Thunda support and headline tours – what are you looking forward to most about your next break?
Well, you failed to mention my side project with our ‘Like A Version’ collab Ev Jones, Jones Jnr. But that’s all good.
Me and Poncho have been writing a bunch of stuff for a new Thundamentals music and trying to find some new sounds so another break would be good to get back to writing!
Yourself and Poncho were also in Townsville earlier this year for their own show – what do you guys love so much about Townsville?
Townsville has been great to us so far, the weather is good, the place is beautiful, lots of good people. What’s not to love up there?
Who inspires you, individually or as a group?
People who have had hard, rough circumstances in their life but live everyday happy and positive and manage to overcome all the bulls#$t going on.
If you could impart one crucial lesson or piece of advice to young artists coming from regional Australia, what would it be?
If you love it, do it. Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it.
What’s next for you guys? Any plans to tour overseas or record new music after this run?
At the moment its hard to say, everything seems to be happening faster and faster lately. Overseas has been whispered around, recording new music has too.
> You can catch Thundamentals on their remaining tour dates around North Queensland and beyond – check our gig guide for more info.

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