Captain Jack Sparrow Flies The Coop

Johnny-Depp-in-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean_gallery_primaryCap’n Jack Sparrow – or, at least, the guy who plays him – has flown back to the USA this week for surgery on his hand.

Johnny Depp, 51, reportedly injured his hand on the Gold Coast this week, where he is currently filming the fifth instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. He was neither filming nor on the Helensvale set when the incident happened.

Making superstitious folk wonder if the movie might be cursed (anyone know if there’s sacred Indigenous land around there?) the film has so far encountered Cyclone Marcia – an intense tropical storm which crossed the Queensland coast last month much further south than most – and a man dressed as a pirate, who wielded a knife and threatened security on set earlier this week.

The man – dreadlocked and dressed in full pirate attire, including a parrot on his shoulder – allegedly threatened staff with the knife before fleeing into nearby bushland. He was not believed to be an extra on the film, which is due for release on 7 July 2017 – without further disruptions, obviously.

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