Grimace And Bear It

LA’s post-apocalyptic/melodic metal/deathcore band GRIMACE has debuted it’s debut music video, Awake the Demons, and accompanying four-track EP… and it is amazing.

The band’s Facebook profile cites ‘End of the World’ as it’s genre, and, ‘Death, blood, horror, murder’ as it’s influences. While it’s difficult to peg the band’s sound into just one hole, the result is face-melting awesomeness. Every track on the EP is just as catchy as the debut release – you’ll find yourself moving some part of your body in time with the music, whether it’s nodding your head in time with the beat, or tapping your fingers in time with the melody. There is some insanely good shit here, there’s no other way to say it.

The band sums it up best:

This is the last transmission.. Please if you receive this message stay inside. Repeat..STAY INSIDE! Do not go outdoors. There’s horrible things out there.

If this is the result of apocalypse, bring on the zombies!

Check out the clip for yourself below, and follow the band via Facebook.


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