GWAR Frontman Dead?


We are currently trying to confirm or deny reports circulating online today that GWAR frontman Dave Brockie has died.

Style Weekly has reported that “several sources” have informed them of Brockie’s death, saying the singer of the satirical thrash metal band, who made headlines on the Soundwave tour last month by decapitating an effigy of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, was found by roommates at his US home on Sunday night, local time.

We can only hope this is another internet rumour doing the rounds… More info as it comes to hand.

Update: Brockie’s personal Facebook profile has been inundated by messages from friends, including one that says, “Are you actually dead asshole?” and others saying they had left tributes on the page after hearing the news from mutual friends. Style Weekly has reported that former band member Chris Bopst, now a music writer for Style, has confirmed the news, saying, “I wish it was a joke… Everyone is in shock.” As it is currently early Monday morning in the US, we are waiting for an official statement from GWAR’s management… or for Brockie to respond to the multiple messages on his Facebook wall.

Update: An announcement from GWAR HQ is expected to be made around 4am AEDT.

Update: Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah confirmed the news on Twitter, of course. Local police in Richmond have confirmed that a 50-year old musician was found dead between 3pm and 7pm Sunday. The victim’s identity has not been formally released.

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