Die Antwoord Fallout Begins

The fallout from that controversial video of Die Antwoord using homophobic slurs and making up lies of sexual assault against American musician Andy Butler has begun. Whilst Girl focused on the lesser-obvious elements of the faux sexual assault claims in our coverage of the video, it is being widely reported that the homophobic slurs and physical attack led to the duo being withdrawn from Chicago’s Riot Fest … Continue reading Die Antwoord Fallout Begins

More Die Antwoord Dirt Has Emerged

Earlier this year we broke the story of Aussie rapper Zheani Sparkes accusing South African band Die Antwoord (Ninja, in particular) of some pretty gross things. Last time we followed the story up, the band was relentlessly bullying the young girl from Brisbane, including sharing revenge porn images of her (a crime in Queensland, where Sparkes lives and Girl HQ is based). If you need … Continue reading More Die Antwoord Dirt Has Emerged

Die Antwoord Update: Ninja Speaks

Die Antwoord‘s Ninja has finally made a statement about those Zheani accusations. As a standalone video, his story makes perfect sense. Zheani was a fan, she reached out when he and Yo-landi split, he thought she was hot so they began texting, etc. However, we still have questions – like why Yo-landi appeared to have made initial contact with Zheani via her instagram profile comments then … Continue reading Die Antwoord Update: Ninja Speaks

Shots Fired: Die Antwoord Unhappy With Suicide Squad

Yolandi Visser, the diminutive yet outspoken blonde half of South African duo Die Antwoord, has fired shots at anti-hero blockbuster Suicide Squad‘s director, David Ayer, accusing him of stealing the band’s aesthetic for his film’s Joker (played by Jared Leto). “Yes David Ayer you jockin our style,” the post began. “callin ninja up before your movie came out pretendin 2b down, so it looks OK … Continue reading Shots Fired: Die Antwoord Unhappy With Suicide Squad