Album Review: Thundamentals

words: India Marx feature photo credit: Luke Eblen   Aussie Hip-Hop group Thundamentals are dropping their fifth album this coming Friday, 21st of September. It’s titled I Love Songs and is a super vibey mix of electronic, RnB tunes complimented by their signature hip-hop style. The 12 track record marks the band’s 10 years in the … Continue reading Album Review: Thundamentals

Album Review: Grinspoon

The beautiful thing about music is it’s ability to transport you back to a particular point in time: a kiss, a meeting, a holiday, a fun night out, that really shitty birthday when you spent half the night crying in a toilet stall… For me, Grinspoon’s Guide to Better Living transports me back to high … Continue reading Album Review: Grinspoon