Soundwave Fallout Continues

While the fallout from yesterday's not-so-shock announcement continues, with promoter AJ Maddah and ticketing company Eventopia still exchanging blows today, one band from this year's festival has started a crowd funding campaign to recoup their losses. UK band Monuments - one of many listed as an outstanding debt totalling $16 million AUD - has created a … Continue reading Soundwave Fallout Continues

Another One Bites The Dust: Soundwave Festival Canned

After much speculation and shit-slinging this week, it's official - Soundwave Festival is cancelled. Promoted AJ Maddah has been fending off the rumours all week after 2016 drawcards Bring Me The Horizon said they weren't officially locked in for the festival, despite being on the announced lineup. Since then, L7 officially announced they wouldn't be … Continue reading Another One Bites The Dust: Soundwave Festival Canned

Soundwoes For Two Major Cities

At a time when many festivals seem to be struggling, the hugely popular Soundwave festival has had two huge blows this week. First, Public Transport Victoria announced there would be no public transport available to or from the venue this year, including trains, trams and buses, "due to other citywide commitments." This has led to … Continue reading Soundwoes For Two Major Cities