VIDEO ALERT: Kav Temperley

ESKIMO JOE frontman KAV TEMPERLEY is back with his latest solo endeavour, ‘Machines Of Love And Grace.’

IF COVID has affected humans in any way, it’s in the intimacy of human connection.

Kav Temperley explores the theme of connectivity in the digital age through his stunning new solo offering, ‘Machines Of Love And Grace.’

The track was not inspired by the Richard Brautigan poem of a similar name, although Temperley professes to be a fan of his work.

It was instead inspired by the notion some theorists have presented, that humans are outliers on Earth – a virus, if you will – because we, unlike our mammalian or reptilian counterparts, put so much focus on love and empathy.

Making humans, effectively, the machines of love and of grace.

“The song is about the complex and intimate relationships we have through our phones, seen through the lens of the last two-and-a-half years of the pandemic,” Temperley said. “Having devices in our hands has allowed us to have dinner with loved ones all over the world, all locked in our houses, and follow every moment of each other’s life; whether we want to or not, it’s often the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to sleep. With the touch of a button, anything and everything is available to us, good and bad.”

The accompanying video by longtime friend and Eskies collaborator Cooper Gordon plays up the intimate elements of social media, which Temperley says makes us “voyeurs to each other’s lives.”

“I’m asking the question: do any of us feel like we exist unless we’re posting? And who are we when the camera lights turn off?,” he said. “We now live through these machines in the most intimate way, and we take them anywhere and everywhere we go!”

The concept for the clip, stemmed from “an idea of FaceTime without having Facetime,” according to Temperley.

“The most amazing thing is that the actor and the actress reacting to each other, they never met each other, yet on camera, it’s like they’re having an intimate relationship,” he said. “It’s absolutely fascinating and plays into the whole theme about the machines of love and grace.”

Featuring Temperley’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and a catchy, alt-rock chorus reminiscent of his band, ‘Machines Of Love And Grace’ is a thematically brilliant return to his solo career following the pandemic.

Watch: Kav Temperley ‘Machines Of Love And Grace’ –

Although ‘Machines Of Love And Grace’ is the first taste of Temperley’s second solo album – the follow-up to 2018’s All Your Devotion – he will be busy for the second half of 2022 with Eskimo Joe, including a slew of tour dates across the country.

Eskimo Joe Tour Dates
Featuring special guest Adalita

Wednesday 28th September: The Tivoli, Brisbane
Friday 30th September: Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Saturday 1st October: Forum, Melbourne
Tuesday 4th October: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
Wednesday 5th October: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 15th October: Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth

More info and tickets

Feature pic: Jarrad Levy (supplied)

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