GIG ALERT: Loudfest – A Tribute Festival

NOSTALGIA is the order of the day as Max Watts turns it up to 11 hosting seven hours of ’70s, ’80s and ’90s rock tributes in Silverback Touring‘s first instalment of Loudfest.

After some inevitable rescheduling issues thanks to border restrictions and COVID, Loudfest Melbourne is ready to rock this weekend.

Originally headlined by Killer Queen Experience (Queen), Def Replica (Def Leppard) will now move up to the top spot. They will be joined by Sisters Doll (KISS), Foovana (Foo Fighters), Fandango (ZZ Top), Riot Act (Skid Row), Vital Idol (Billy Idol) Blizzard of Aus (Ozzy Osbourne).

“Tribute shows are now far from those which you would catch, conveniently, while hitting your local for a ten-buck t-bone,” promoter Danny Bazzi said.
“The point of difference with Loudfest is the variety in the acts. This is a rock show first and foremost but it is not exclusively targeting a single sub genre of rock. It features everything from classic rock to hard rock, modern day rock and blues based rock.
“This is a day out for rock fans to just let loose and enjoy the music they know and love by some bands who put absolutely everything into their tribute shows. There is something here for everybody.”

For more info and tickets go to the official Silverback Touring website.

Watch: Blizzard of Aus perform ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne –

Feature Pic: Sisters Doll by Brittany Long

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