Knotfest Mexico Cancelled, Fans Riot

In another case of ‘this is why we can’t have nice things,’ fans have rioted and stormed the stage in Mexico after Knotfest was cancelled overnight, destroying expensive equipment and setting fire to Evanescence drummer Will Hunt‘s kit.

Organisers made the call to cancel the event following safety concerns after a crowd barricade at the front of the pit was pushed down during Behemoth‘s set earlier in the day, and multiple attempts to fix it failed. Headliners Slipknot‘s performance was subsequently cancelled, as well as Evanescence, who was next on stage – as evidenced by the destruction of Hunt’s kit, which happened to be in the line of fire when disgruntled fans stormed the stage.

News of the cancellation spread fast, with Slipknot tweeting the following statement:

It was later followed by this:

Here’s one of the videos of what went down:

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