The Cover of All Covers for Townsville Band’s Track

What could be better than Gang of Youths covering your song?

How about Gang of Youths and Mumford & Sons covering your song in an epic performance in Stockholm?

The heavyweights just toured Europe together (and announced GoY will be supporting them on their USA and Mexico tour, as well) and performed a cover of Townsville band The Middle East‘s Blood – which of course we’ve already seen Dave Le’Aupepe and co. do on triple j‘s Like A Version.

Some fan footage of the song has been doing the rounds online, but Mumford & Sons just released an official video of the May 21 performance. Check it out:

“Playing shows with Gang of Youths throughout Europe in 2019 was one of the most fun things we’ve ever done,” the text at the beginning of the video reads.

They add that they “fell in love with “Gang of Youths” after hearing their Like A Version performance of the popular 2008 track by The Middle East – “an Australian band we toured with once upon a time,” Mumford & Sons note.

GoY described the experience on Twitter: “one of the greatest touring experiences we’ve had. A special part of those nights was sharing the stage with the homies and performing a song which has meant a lot to both our bands.”

The Mumford Gang shows will continue on the dates listed below:


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