Five Minute Intro To: The Taste


After hearing more about Cairns-based act The Taste and their upcoming album launch in Townsville, we thought it was about time to learn more about this awesome act, and introduce you to them… Girl caught up with band member and manager Mitch Sullivan to get the down low.

Who is The Taste?
“The Taste are a musical ensemble from Cairns in Far North Queenland who started as a duo in 2011, but has overtime evolved in to a massive 7/10 piece act. Featuring a buffet of instruments including guitars, horns and multiple vocalists, The Taste blend styles such as funk rock, soul, reggae and hip hop in to a truly unique offering, best described as Tropical Hip Hop.”

How would you describe your style?
“Haha I may have just answered that!”

When did you get together, and what drew all of you to each other?
“Over the years The Taste grew and grew in size, and released our first EP Rain Or Sunshine in 2014 which featured a collaboration with hip hop MC Vainz. After the release Vainz became a permanent fixture in the line up, at the same time the band recruited Matt Mullins to bass, who eventually become lead singer in the line up.”

You’ve supported some pretty awesome acts – have you had a fave?
“In the last year we have been lucky enough to support Saskwatch, Tiki Tiaane, Regurgitator and The Lyrical as well as play at festivals alongside Ash Grunwald, Bullhorn, Crossroads and Bearfoot to mention a few. When we supported Regurgitator at The Dalrymple my guitar played up in sound check so we couldn’t use it, then Matt lost a string mid set so we were all of sudden out of acoustic guitars. We had to change a string to continue the set but we couldn’t stop the energy, so we did an impromptu bass/drum rap jam, I’m still unsure what it was but it definitely worked and the crowd enjoyed it.”

You’re launching your new album, what can you tell us about the record?
“It’s a seven-track that was recorded at The Rec Room with Luke Green earlier in the year and featured the first two single releases of The Hands Of and Sunday Funk, as well as Take Over which we performed on Balcony TV. Start to finish its very strong and has a good fun vibe amongst some funky rhythms and soulful hooks. It definitely has a lighter side and a darker side with some nice tropical inspired tracks and then some hard hitting edgier songs.”

What’s your fave track and why?
“I’m really proud of all the tracks but I would have to say The Calling is the best song I’ve ever been a part of. It’s an epic song with a Spanish influence which lyrically covers a theme of addiction and how it effects of our lives. It’s something we believe is very relevant in this day and age, especially with ice gripping our communities. The instrumentation is really well balanced and I think its great that everyone in the band has the moment to the shine. Personally I really love the solo and how Moses (Lead Guitar) and Liam (Saxophone) counter each other and battle in the third chorus. It was a special moment for all of us when this track was completed.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
“With such a large band we draw a lot of inspirations from a lot of different sources, commonly we all enjoy Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai , Bruno Mars, funky outfits. But there is defiantly a lot of individual influences you can hear such as Santana, Paul Simon, John Mayer, even AC/DC.”

Are you planning on touring beyond NQ any time soon?
“We recently got back from playing in Brisbane, Byron and Sunshine Coast. Would love to do it all again next year sometime, maybe on the back of a new single release.”

Dream/ultimate bucket list gig?
Woodford and Bryon Bay Blues Festival are both amazing festivals that we would love to play one day!
Locally Hotter Than Hell is an amazing line up we’d love to get on. Palm Creek is another one we’d love to do again.”

Anything else?
“Album is available from Bandcamp and we will have CD’s available at the gig! Find out more on Unearthed or Facebook.”

Watch – The Taste, Take Over on Balcony TV: 

The Taste – Convalesce Album Launch
Supported by Yuill Scott
Friday 27th October, The Old Courthouse, Townsville


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