Take A Bow (Wow)

It’s no surprise people try to big note themselves on social media. Even celebrities.

Thing is, if you have a recognisable face/car/house/career you might wanna keep your Insta lies on the DL (take note Fyre Festival; CC: Ja Rule).

Lil Bow Wow… or Bow Wow… or Shad Moss… whatever he’s calling himself these days, has just been caught out telling porkies on ye olde Instagram.

Exhibit A:

An hour or two after that post, a kind member of the public flying cattle class to NYC on a standard Boeing shared this, which then got Tweeted:

If you Google “private jet with cars” it’s one of the results which comes up.

One guy even took it a step further:

Long story short? Catfish has been a TV show for years now. We’re all savvy to the ways of the inter webs and thanks to Nev and Max we know how to reverse image search. Don’t try to catfish us, bro Bow.

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