Five Festival Trends We Saw At Coachella

The festival-celebrity-Instagram mecca of Coachella began over Easter long weekend in the USA, and with Groovin The Moo kicking off next weekend, we wanted to take a quick look at five trends that were big in the desert this year…

Flower crowns
Yep, they’re still a thing. But they’ve shrunk. Big, gaudy, OTT, “I-wore-this-so-I-blend-in-outside-my-ex-boyfriend’s-house” flower crowns are out. Subtle, sweet flower crowns are in. Like this one worn by New Zealand blogger Victoria Hadlow:


Space Buns
It doesn’t seem to matter exactly how you wear this Miley Cyrus/Jim Carrey/Baby Spice style – half-up, half-down buns; two French braids beginning at the forehead gathered into big, bouncy buns; two French braids beginning at the nape of the neck and working up into buns, or the classic as modelled by, er, model, Jessica Hart (pictured with Poppy Delevigne):


Again, it doesn’t seem to matter how you style them, from full bodysuit to under torn jeans or daisy dukes; plain, rainbow or bedazzled, fishnets are hot right now. Hailey Baldwin made the case for bejewelled cutoff fishnets by using them to dress up previously ‘daggy’ double denim:


Glitter roots in your hair, glitter cheeks instead of highlighter… even glitter tits. Shine, sparkle and get your craft herpes on with all-over glitter. Girls are now taking ‘free the nipple’ to new heights with a trend known on the internet as ‘disco tits’ – stick-on jewels and body glitter in lieu of bras or tops. Are you game?

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.38.49 pm.png

All Lace Everything

Lucky it’s warm in Australia, because all of these trends give little coverage… the lace trend is no different. Lace dresses are a big deal this year. Team them with standard-issue underwear (even high-waisted ‘granny’ pants are A-OK) or a bodysuit and some ankle boots and your festival look is sorted.


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