99 Problems And A Wallet Ain’t One

We haven’t had a ‘what the?’ story for a while, but this one is really more of a twat the…

Gold Coast man/’rapper’ (we use the term loosely) Terry Peck allegedly indulged in over $600 worth of seafood at some schmancy restaurant on the Gold Coast… and swam away without paying the bill.

The dude was charged with stealing and assaulting a police officer after he allegedly ate 17 oyster shots, a baby octopus, two lobsters and several beers before making his GTA-style getaway.

Local cops had to borrow a lifeguard’s jet ski to chase Peck (who ‘raps’ under the moniker ‘2Pec‘ – geddit?) after he ducked underwater several times to evade capture.

Peck’s lawyer said he has a drinking problem (y’think?) and he claimed the lobster was overcooked. The magistrate, when told how much he had eaten in the restaurant, exclaimed, “Oh god, by himself?!”

You can find his rapper profile on Reverbnation, but honestly, we wouldn’t bother.