Dalrymple Hotel Apologises To Metal Fans

… the ones with arms, not blades.

Late last week, the Dalrymple Hotel hosted The Amity Affliction‘s Death To Misery tour, with Ocean Grove, Hellions and local act Ghosts Over Japan.

GOJ drummer Justin Fimmel took to Facebook following the show to address an issue fans had had with the venue’s dress code:

“Just a little bit disappointed and frustrated that the Daly recently updated their ‘dress code’ and turned back paying punters in singlets at a metal show. Nevermind that there was no warning of such a thing and that the Northlane show a year ago went fine, singlets or not. Even The Venue (RIP) was more lenient for that sort of thing. Sorry to those who had to rush back home to change, hence missing either our or Oceans Grove’s sets.”

In a statement to Music Feeds, who broke the story yesterday, Dalrymple Hotel management “unreservedly” apologised for the misunderstanding.

“The venue’s dress code (which includes no singlets and no thongs during concerts) has been in place for many years,” the statement said. “In light of recent events, we have reviewed this dress code policy, and have made the decision to allow singlets to be worn at future concerts.”

Music Feeds reported there were also reports of concert-goers experiencing heat exhaustion during the show, which management blamed on a dodgy air conditioner.

“We did experience an issue with the air conditioning unit on the night. This is being addressed as a matter of importance.”

Security was seen handing out water to people in the crowd from the front barriers.

This may, however, explain the leaky roof above the stage, which apparently caused a minor disruption towards the beginning of Amity’s set at the sold-out show.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a controversy in Townsville – one of the country’s hottest locations – over singlets and dress codes. Last year Grinspoon‘s Phil Jamieson made news (.com.au) after an Instagram post about a Townsville cinema that refused him entry to a daytime screening due to his sleeveless shirt not adhering to their strict dress code.

Note for ALL venues where the temperature often reaches over 30 degrees with high humidity: maybe re-evaluate the ‘no singlet’ policy.

The Daly’s new policies will be in place for The Rubens show on January 25 and The Living End show on March 24.

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