Whoops – New Google App Accidentally Racist

Facebook has had the suggested tagging function for a while now, so it’s little wonder Google has hopped on board the tech train… except…


… yep.

This user was clearly none too impressed with the automatic tagging algorithm picking up his friend’s face as a primate, not a human.


Erm, ya’ll done goofed, Google.

Luckily, Google’s Chief Social Architect (yes, that’s a legitimate job title now) Yonatan Zunger was right onto it:


Fortunately (?) the app wasn’t just being racist to one particular race – it was also apparently mistaking light skinned people as seals and dogs…


Okay, so in some cases the tags might feel appropriate. But as our mate Yonatan said, “This is 100% Not OK.”

Mayyyyyybe Google could consider taking programs beyond the beta phase before releasing them in future?

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