Bam Margera’s Backstage Brawl

By now you’ve probably heard about Jackass star Bam Margera getting knocked out backstage at the Secret Solstice festival in Iceland.

Margera was at the festival, headlined by the likes of Wu-Tang, Flight Facilities and Rob Pattinson’s ‘fiancee’ (?) FKA Twigs, with his band Earth Rocker.

Footage of the incident shows a scuffle between Margera and at least three guys, during which Margera gets punched at least three times, including once in the back of the head. While being led away by a friend, Margera collapses unconscious to the floor.

In an interview recorded after the incident (below), a black-eyed Margera denies claims made by festival promoter Osk Gunnarsdottir, who said he was trying to access the production room and started harassing female staff members who were then defended by the other guys in the video.

Instead, Margera claims the incident revolves around his former publicist Leon Hill, (also the festival’s marketing director).
“None of this has anything to do with the Secret Solstice festival, or any girls, or anybody going into anything, this has to do with Leon Hill, working for Secret Solstice.”

Margera basically claims that Hill ripped him off, and the backstage brawl was the result of a set up he created to confront “scumbag” Hill.

So, who do we believe? And who the hell is Leon Hill?

Leon Hill is an Aussie ‘entrepreneur’ who started out working in social media around 2006, when social media first became a real ‘thing’. He started the company uSocial, the first company to offer to sell you more followers on Twitter, more likes on Facebook, and more diggs on Digg (when that was still a thing).

As you can imagine, this was pretty controversial, as the assumption was that Hill was stealing accounts or using some sort of automated software, which was super against the terms of service for most sites. IE illegal.
Hill checked with his legal team, determined he was working within the law and rode the wave of bad publicity all the way to the bank.

uSocial made him one million dollars in revenue in it’s first year.

So Hill sold uSocial, and spent some time consulting for international giants like ING and Audi.

His next break came when Bam Margera’s Fuckface Unstoppable toured Australia for the first time.
The tour publicist quit halfway through the tour – presumably because of the amount of bad press being generated by hotel bans and police encounters the tour attracted (what would you expect working with someone that made a fortune off breaking shit on MTV?) – and Hill entered the fray.

The Brisbane-based publicist buddied up with Team Margera, which took him overseas, including to Margera’s home in the US, and on tour through Europe and Iceland, which is when Hill reportedly fell in love with the country he later moved to.

Hill also began working with fellow Brisbanites The Veronicas, and created his own entertainment publicity business – Rock Publicity.

Some friends of Girl encountered Hill on Magnetic Island, where Margera’s mate Brandon Novak got banned from the ferry for jumping off it in his birthday suit.

“Bam’s green room was the cabin next door to where we were staying,” the source said.
“Novak and Flamsteed came in to our cabin early in the evening and introduced themselves, they were really lovely, if a little drunk.
“They came in later with this third guy none of us knew, who started demanding that the three of us girls give them blowjobs or have a threesome with Novak and Flamsteed, and he got kinda pissed when he realised we weren’t going to do the whole groupie thing.

“After that, we were on our balcony and Bam, Novak and a few others were on their balcony, and the rude guy started throwing chips at us. Like, throwing hot chips at us, intending to hit us,” she said.
“One of the girls picked up a chip and threw it back, but it missed the guy throwing them and hit Novak in the side of the head instead…
“We still didn’t even know who the guy was, just that he was really rude and going round demanding girls hook up with the band and filming stuff… then afterwards we described the guy to the tour manager and he said that was the tour publicist.
“We couldn’t believe he was being so unprofessional and rude… don’t get me wrong, we met everyone else, including Bam and his girlfriend, and they were all really nice. The publicist was just a dick.”

We have no doubt Hill has no problem with copping bad press – it’s worked for him in the past. Being called out on Bam’s social media (where he has recently been calling out longtime friend Novak for being back on heroin, as well) will no doubt help Hill’s profile, not hinder it.

We have reached out to Hill for comment, however he is yet to respond. If he gets back to us we will publish his response in full.

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