Soho? So No.

King’s Cross establishment Soho nightclub is under fire from social media today after Twitter user @ilovecures called it out for posting an insensitive ad for the Easter long weekend.

In a Facebook post advertising the club’s ‘Yeezter’ event, Soho used a photo of an apparently intoxicated girl laying spreadeagled on the ground next to a couple of drinks, giving a peace sign.

Besides the obvious, “how is this okay with liquor licensing?” question it raises, the ad also raises eyebrows as it comes one week after the owner’s son, Luke Lazarus, received a three-year minimum sentence for luring a young girl to the alley behind the club before anally raping her in 2013.

The club has since deleted the offensive post (see below) but not before social media users shared screenshots of it, labelling it, “grotesque”, “inappropriate” and “offensive”.


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