Lolrus Turns Up In North Queensland?

Not sure if this is an early April Fool’s joke or just one very confused walrus looking for his bucket, but a couple of residents in Lucinda, Tropical North Queensland, have posted and shared the following photo on social media yesterday, claiming to have seen the Northern Hemisphere native on the foreshore of the local beach: 10628350_10206503402332979_6701059600253508769_n While we can confirm the jetty (the 6km-long conveyor belt that comprises the world’s largest bulk sugar loading facility) looks legit, we’re not sure about the authenticity of the large, tusked marine mammal in the foreground. As walruses are generally found in the Arctic circle, and Australia sits considerably south of that (the nearest frozen continent is Antarctica, if you’re confused), we’d say this is a hoax… or one very determined bucket-seeker. Stay tuned to find out if it was legit. In the meantime, here’s the original Lolrus (which, by the way, is actually an elephant seal and not a walrus at all): 43f28ed7eeef916655af6d57a1379c95

** EDIT: We do indeed believe this is an early April Fool’s joke! Whilst a fur seal did turn up at Lucinda late last year, no Northern Hemisphere cousins have been to visit Australia lately (at least, not since Yeezus was here).

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