Black Sabbath Announces ‘Farewell’ Ozzfest

If you’re planning a trip to Japan this year, music fans might want to consider scheduling it for November, when Ozzfest will bring Black Sabbath there for – apparently – the final time.

In a video announcement posted today, Sharon Osbourne said, “Ozzfest will be back in Japan on Nov. 21 and 22 and this will be Black Sabbath’s farewell.”
“We’re also announcing Korn, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary… Now you can’t miss that.”

Whilst it may be the end of Sabbath, frontman Ozzy Osbourne has made his intentions to continue his solo career quite well known.
“I am going to continue to do my solo stuff, but I can’t do the two at the same time. This Memoirs of a Madman package is to let everybody know that I haven’t abandoned my solo career.
“I’m doing one more Black Sabbath tour, one more Black Sabbath album, and then we’re disbanding the name, I believe. And then after that, I’ll be doing my solo stuff,” he has been quoted as saying.

Check out the video here, and stay tuned for updates.

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